Essential Oils

Uses of Unique Essential Oils

There are so many unique uses for essential oils that we had to split them up into several articles. Here are some more unique uses for essential oils.

You can make your own wood polish by combining 10 drops of ylang ylang oil to each ounce of jojoba oil. Blend well and then use to polish furniture to a beautiful shine.

Your garden likes aromatherapy essential oils too. Aromatherapy can keep your plants healthy and strong and free of pests. Mix up to 15 drops of essential oils with each gallon of water. Some of the essential oils that your plants like best are sage, clove, thyme, lavender, cinnamon, peppermint and sweet bay, fennel, patchouli, caraway and coriander. If you plants already have a pest problem they will need a stronger solution. Mix 90 drops with every 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle and mist the plants. This works for both indoor and outdoor plants. Do not over saturate the plants. Use every couple of days.

To treat many different kinds of itchy skin irritations you can mix 5 drops of geranium, chamomile or lavender oils with each teaspoon of aloe vera gel. You can get the gel straight from the plant if you have one or you can buy a natural organic product at your local health food store. Other useful oils for itchy skin irritations are tea tree, lemon, sweet basil and lime. Some types of itchy rashes are due to infection, and if this is the case try using something like oil of oregano or one of the citrus essential oils. You can mix it with the aloe gel, a light weight carrier oil or in extreme cases, you can even dab it on with a cotton swab, but be careful as it can cause burns, but it will clear up an infection.

Here’s another great one. To scent your clothes with essential oils you can make a spray of 150 drops of essential oils to every 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle. This can be any scent at all that you like. Set the bottle to the finest mist possible, give it a good shake and away you go. It works just as well as the expensive stuff in the stores. You can also put 10 drops of oil on an old clean cotton rag (this is a great use for mismatched socks) and throw it in with the clothes in the dryer and they will come out smelling great.

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